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After being almost 30 years in the copper industry dealing with nearly all aspects and businesses in the value chain of copper - with the exception of mining - I have decided to write a book about copper. I have been all the years with Aurubis AG (formerly Norddeutsche Affinerie)- the biggest producer of refined copper in Europe, the second biggest in the world and the biggest recycler of copper in the world. I have started in the Research and Development Department with topics like optimization of copper production processes - both hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical, recycling of copper and electronic scrap, waste water treatment, precious metals recovery and copper powder and copper chemicals production - resulting also in several patents. After having been several years the head of the R&D department, additional responsibilities have been the analytical laboratories, the sampling plant and production manager of the precious metal plant. Then I was appointed to the Head of the Business Division of Copper Products of Norddeutsche Affinerie dealing with the technology and the business of cathodes, rod and shapes and having the responsibility for the quality control department. After having got as an additional task the responsibility for strategic planning, Norddeutsche Affinerie took over Prymetall and I was appointed to the General Manager of Prymetall - a company producing semis of copper and copper alloys. Finally, the last years of my career I became a Member of the Executive Board of Aurubis AG being responsible within the board for all copper products and for research and development. For several years I was also member of the board of directors of the European Copper Institute and a board member of the German CDA "Deutsches Kupferinstitut". Therefore, copper has been - and partly still is - my professional life. The book is therefore not a scientific consideration of the topic "copper" but it is a subjective book - from the point of view of someone being active for a long time in nearly all parts of the value chain of copper.

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