Copper Workshops and Seminars

Do you want to train you and your people on all or special aspects of the copper business?

For example:
* For high level management to get the basics of the copper business (also 1 to 1)
* For new people in your organization
* For training the technical staff in the economy of copper
* For training the commercial employees in the technology of copper or applications and properties of copper
* For special topics: e.g. recycling, properties, quality, semis market, applications or alloys

Train you and your people by a former member of the executive board of Aurubis AG who understands the whole value chain of copper.

Workshops can be made in English or German.

With several years experience in teaching at the university he is able to explain complicated facts in a simple understandable way – like in the unique book „Understanding Copper: Technologies, Markets and Business“

If you have interest for an inhouse workshop or seminar please send  an E-Mail  with your workshop/seminar requirements and you will get an offer.