Understanding Copper - Technologies, Markets, Business

by Bernd E. Langner

properties Mining Smelting Products Applications Recycling
Properties -------> Mining ----> Smelting & Refining---> Products------> Applications------> Recycling
Technology BusinessMarkets
-Technologies -------------- Business ----------------- Markets---

The whole Value Chain of Copper : Now you can understand what is behind it

From History to Renewable Energy, From Tankhouse to Extrusion, from Cost Curve to Margin Calls, from Cathode Premium to LME, from Flotation to C1-Costs, from Recrystallization to Connectors

This book explains it: commercial professionals can understand the technical topics and vice versa.
written by Bernd E. Langner - former Member of the Executive Board of Aurubis AG (Norddeutsche Affinerie)

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