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Here you find every month selected News about Copper, which we find interesting. In Contrast to other News Services the Focus is on Technology, Markets and Business and not on Financial Figures or general Discussions or Speculations about the Copper price or Copper demand. If you have interesting news please send an Email to Understanding Copper

New Concept for Lithium Batteries with Copper-Antimonide

07/08/2012 Prieto Batteries (Prieto Battery)
Categories: applications

A new proposal for anode material for lithium batteries is proposed by using nanowires of copper antimomide (Cu2Sb). It is stated that with such a 3D construction much better perfomance can be achieved: Significant increase in surface area,Shorter ion diffusion length and improved cyclic stability Link to Information-Source
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Mettop-BRX: Tankhouses with 412 A/m2 achievable

01/07/2012 Mettop GmbH (Journal: Metall)
Categories: refining

The new developped Technology of Mettop has now proved under real conditions at the Brixlegg Plant and the Chinese Xinagguon plant that it is possible to run a copper tankhouse wit a current density of more than 400 A/m2. Up to now the limit was 300 to 340 A/m2. The technology uses a special flow of the electrolyte to prevent passivation at the anode site and high potentials at the cathode side. Link to Information-Source
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Boliden becomes world leader in electronics recycling

01/06/2012 New Boliden AB (Boliden AB)
Categories: recycling

Boliden's new electronics recycling facility at the Rönnskär copper smelter is opened today by the Minister for the Environment, Lena Ek. The SEK 1.3 billion investment increases the smelter's capacity to 120,000 tonnes per year and thereby makes Boliden world leader in electronics recycling. The increased use of electronic products, shorter product lifecycles and stricter legislation governing electronic waste, means that the global availability of electronic scrap is increasing. Link to Information-Source
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Providing insight into the sustainability of copper products

24/05/2012 European Copper Institute - ECI- (ICA) (ECI)
Categories: CDA,properties

New Life Cycle Assessment covers 90% of European production A major update of the European Copper Institute’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of European production provides additional insights into the sustainability of copper products. The 'cradle-to-gate' study, commissioned by the European Copper Institute (ECI), in collaboration with the industry’s global Life Cycle Centre, managed by the Deutsches Kupferinstitut, in Dusseldorf, incorporates primary industry data from 90% of the EU’s 3.8 million tonne copper market. Link to Information-Source
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Outotec to deliver technology for copper production to Grupo México

23/05/2012 Outotec (Outotec)
Categories: technology

Outotec and Grupo México have signed a contract for the delivery of solvent extraction and electrowinning (SX-EW) technology for Grupo México's Buenavista del Cobre plant, in northern México. The contract value is about EUR 22 million. Outotec's delivery consists of SX-EW technology for a new copper production plant including proprietary and key process equipment and spare parts. Outotec will also provide engineering and site services such as installation supervision and operator training. The delivery will take place within the next 24 months. Link to Information-Source
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New flotation-type continuous furnace installed at Messingwerk Plettenberg

12/05/2012 Messingwerk Plettenberg (Plettenberg)
Categories: semis production

Messingwerk Plettenberg has invested 4 Mio. Euro for its new furnace for the treatment of strip. The furnace - built bei Ebner Indsutrieofenbau - is now installed and and has gone online. The plant is state of the art. Link to Information-Source
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Extended solarclean product family: Wieland will be presenting solar thermal copper tubes at Intersolar 2012

11/05/2012 Wieland-Werke AG (Wieland-Werke)
Categories: semis production

At Intersolar 2012, Wieland-Werke AG, Ulm, will be presenting the wide range of Wieland Thermal Solutions for solar thermal applications, heat exchangers and finned tubes. In the solar thermal segment, Wieland will be exhibiting the entire solarclean copper-tube product family. In addition to enhanced tube products, the company will for the first time be presenting the new solarclean_plus copper tube with optimised bending properties. Link to Information-Source
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Could Copper be the Answer to Arthritis?

08/05/2012 Whittington Hospital (Daily Express)
Categories: applications,research

Professor Albert Singer, an expert in gynaecological research at the Whittington Hospital in north London, was so impressed by the ability of a pair of copper shoe insoles to alleviate the pain of his arthritis over the past six years that he set up a study of 230 fellow sufferers to test them further. Copper Heelers insoles were given to the volunteers and 96 per cent of them reported an improvement in their symptoms. Link to Information-Source

Wolverine Launches New, Revolutionary IGBT Base Plate Technology: MicroCool®-Clad™

01/05/2012 Wolverine Tube, INC. (Wolverine)
Categories: semis production

Wolverine’s MicroCool® Division is proud to announce its global License Agreement with Infineon Technologies AG for the development, manufacture, and sale of its current MDT technology combined with existing clad metal material to create a new product innovation, MicroCool®-Clad™. Link to Information-Source
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Copper’s Equestrian Revolution

12/04/2012 European Copper Institute - ECI- (ICA) (ECI)
Categories: applications

The latest innovation in the equestrian world – offering antibacterial and antifungal properties – comes in the form of copper. For shoeing racehorses, aluminium has become the norm, but clients from major Chilean race tracks such as Hipódromo Chile, Club Hípico, and Valparaiso Sporting Club have begun switching to copper. Link to Information-Source
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Production Figures of Vedanta BY 04/2011-03/2012

10/04/2012 Vedanta (Vedanta Press FRelease)
Categories: smelting,refining,mining

Vedanta Resources plc Production Release for the Fourth Quarter and Year Ended 31 March 2012. Copper Zambia 200.000 t cathodes India Australia: 326000 t cathodes Link to Information-Source
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Nexans: 57 km of 245 kV subsea cable will connect Belwind Phase 2 to Northwind and then on to landfall at Zeebrugge, Belgium

10/04/2012 Nexans (Press Release )
Categories: smelting

Nexans has won a contract for the connnection to supply a total of 57 km of high-voltage subsea power export cables to Northwind NV in the North Sea. In the two sectors with 3 cables with a copper core of each 400mm2 for 14 km and 3 copper cores with each 1000 mm the total project will use about 1400 tons of copper for the insatllation of renewable energy from windparks. Link to Information-Source
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